Beautiful colour and thicker hair

February 1, 2019

When we first developed our Invati system for thinning hair, the goal was simple: Provide women with a highly effective, plant-based solution to hair loss. “It was such a successful launch for us that it became a ‘love mark’ for the brand,” says Justina Mejia-Montane, Vice President of Global Product Development.

But when we asked our existing users for feedback, they told us that while they loved the three-part system, they wished they could use it on color-treated hair. That helped prompt the development of Invati Advanced, which not only delivers high performance results (53% reduction in hair loss due to breakage from brushing when used once a day for 12 weeks) but can ALSO be used on colored hair.

“We’ve designed the system to be color-safe, so that it won’t fade a woman’s color or increase fading,” says Justina. “So now our artists and professionals in our Experience Centers can use and recommend it with confidence to their hair color clients.”

And because the products won’t strip the pigment from your hair, you’re more likely to comply with the three-part system — which means you’ll see thicker, fuller hair staring back at you in the mirror!